More about this summer at the Student Success Center!

Spend your summer in a paid internship at University City High School! The Leaders of Change Summer Enrichment program 2010 will support student teams as they perform work and service in their communities. The work will benefit the community and give students an opportunity to reflect on their work through their senior project. As part of the summer program, the UCHS Student Success Center is partnering with innovative organizations to provide engaging field trips, speakers, and presentations. Follow the links below to learn more about some of our partner organizations.

EarthForce is a partner that will engage students in environmental and service learning. Earthforce guides groups in applying their knowledge to real-life experiences through community action. Students will have the opportunity to work on a project that creates sustainable change for the world around them. Follow this link to learn more about EarthForce:

Briar Bush Nature Center will facilitate a field trip in Fairmount Park for students in the UCHS summer program. Success Center Summer Interns will have the ability to learn more about the local environment, and participate in team-building, and problem-solving activities. Learn more about Briar Bush Nature Center here:

The Enterprise Center is a partner organization that will expose students to local businesses and community organizations. Students will have the opportunity to complete complex analysis of the local community, and to gain the skills needed to succeed in business and entrepreneurship, as well as community work. More information about The Enterprise Center is available on their website:


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