Addressing Tough Issues

Leaders of Change employees are using the skills they’ve been learning at Quantum Learning to focus on their community issues. When we learned about resolving conflicts peacefully, for example, employees used examples based on team issues to practice the strategies!

Team E, the "waste watchers" discuss their issue: trash and litter in their neighborhoods.

When presenting to the group, Team E said that when our neighborhoods are filled with litter, it reflects poorly on us too. Team E members want their neighborhoods to be free of trash and litter to improve the image of their communities and to prevent further pollution. Trash, litter, and recycling are clearly important to Leaders of Change participants. Issues surrounding these topics were also chosen by Teams C and F.

Team C

During Quantum Learning week, each team’s issue was posted around the room to remind us of the challenges we’re working towards solving.


2 thoughts on “Addressing Tough Issues

  1. I love the sophistication of Team E’s campaign – it’s not just that littering can lead to health issues. More than that, littering feeds into existing negative ideas about us! I’m excited to be a part of this!

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