Employees of the Week!

Leaders of Change would like to congratulate the following students on being named Employees of the Week for their teams! These individuals have set a great example for the rest of their team regarding participation, leadership, punctuality, and other qualities of stellar employees.

Team A – Malik Hill

Team B – Nykia Bush

Team C – Kiona Clark

Team D – Howard Robinson

Team E – Marquitta Fortune

Team F – Latysha Stuckey

Leaders of Change Team Leaders had great things to say about their employees of the week! Ms. Kate said “Kiona Clark (Team C) won Employee of the Week for always showing up with a smile and a positive attitude. She’s funny, enthusiastic, thoughtful, and committed. She really leads by example!” Way to go Kiona and other employees of the week!


4 thoughts on “Employees of the Week!

  1. Congrats to everyone! You guys have been doing such a great job, going above and beyond as employees. I’m so psyched to be working with you all!

  2. Malik is a great member of Team A! He is a hard worker and is always thoughtful. Additionally, he is always the first to volunteer to help out, especially when it comes to writing!

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