Leaders of Change, our Summer in Pictures


Leaders of Change start the day off with yoga each day at 9:30am in the Satellite SSC. On the first day of the program, July 6, Ann Robideaux from Asana Alphabet led a yoga class for all employees and staff to participate in and learn about yoga.


Two Leaders of Change create a Yoga V!

Leaders of Change learn the yoga tree!

Leaders of Change form a yoga tree circle.


Each day at 10am, Mr. Glenwood and Ms. Jessie lead the Leaders of Change in a short community building activity that includes pieces of the Freedom School activity Harambee. Harambee is a Swahili word meaning “lets pull together”. Harambee starts with a simple question, “UCity, how ya’ll feeling?” Getting hype for the day’s activities, Leaders of Change Respond “Fantastic! Terrific! Great! All Day Long!” The different cheers and chants echo into the cafeteria and often draw observers from other programs! Harambee  continues with cheers & chants, recognitions, and a moment of silence. “Popcorn” is the favorite cheer of the UCity Leaders of Change!


Ms Jessie and Mr Glenwood get hype for harambee!

Leaders of Change from Team F cheer along!


Applying everything they learned at Quantum Learning week, Ms. Morgan, Ms. Dean, Ms. Park and the Quantum Learning Team jumped out of a plane! Quantum Learning emphasizes the power that comes from stepping out of your comfort zone, so our staff and theirs decided to go skydiving. Jumping out of a plane was a perfect way to break through barriers and fears!

The team gets ready to jump out of their comfort zones!


Leaders of Change know how to have fun, dancing during a program breaks.


Leaders of Change take trips to visit local colleges and universities Teams A-C visited St. Joe’s University, a larger, urban, university, and Teams D-F visited Swarthmore College, a small liberal arts school located in the suburbs.


Leaders of Change at Swarthmore College.


Each team at Leaders of Change chose an issue that they see in their communities. Teams deliberated thoughtfully when deciding which issues to address in their concept papers. Multiple teams chose the issues of trash and litter because of the  many negative effects these things have on our neighborhoods. Team C went out into the community surrounding University City High School and took pictures for their research. Below is some of what they found.


Researching an issue in depth, deciding on a solution, writing a concept paper, and creating a presentation, require a great deal of teamwork.  Leaders of Change have worked together to build very successful final products, ready to be presented this week!


Team A cheers themselves on!

Team F huddles up after an activity.

Last but not least…


With all the hard work we’ve done this summer, Leaders of Change have maintained a positive attitude! Each team is supporting one another in their work, and having a good time while doing it!


Team leaders and employees from Team E pose for a picture.

Ms Park smiles with some Leaders of Change employees during a break.

Leaders of Change are ready to get to work!



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