About the Student Success Center at UCHS

“The School District of Philadelphia was interested in better coordinating college and career services within neighborhood high schools.  In response to these pressing needs the School District of Philadelphia provided funding to implement the Student Success Initiative in 2003.”

The Student Success Center is a student friendly site the focuses on five aspects of the student experience:

  • Academic Support
  • Career Exploration and Work Exposure
  • College Preparation
  • Social Support
  • Parent and Family Engagement

Specifically at the Student Success Center at UCHS we focus on these aspects by providing:

  • College Prep
    • Registering for SAT, PSAT
    • College Application Help
    • College Visits
    • Professional Development
      • Paid Internships through PYN
      • Partnerships with local businesses
      • Interview skills
      • Workplace behavior
      • Networking fundamentals
      • Personal development
        • Shed the noise- choosing to do things that are consistent with his True Self
        • Public speaking

Leaders of Change Program:

The Leaders of Change Program began as a summer program in July of 2010.During the summer 65 rising seniors employees (students) split up into six teams in order to tackle problems in their community. Click on the “Leaders of Change Summer 2010” tab to take a look at the summer blog.

Today Leaders of Change has developed into even more:

20 of the summer employees are now involved in a social enrichment class in order to continue work on the work this summer from their concept papers.  Here they will be given the opportunity to continue implementing their Change Campaigns. They will be able to use their experiences in this course to compete their grade-level culminating project, including the Senior Project.

Starting fall of 2010 all incoming 9th grade students will be involved in the Leaders of Change Academic Enrichment Program.   9th grade students will spend a great deal of their experience searching for the answers to the following questions: Who Am I? ; Where Am I Going?; and How Will I Get There? Additionally 9th grade students will also consider what communities they are a part of, and how their interest and careers fir into those communities.

The Student Success Center will continue to develop to meet all our students needs.

You can also contact the success center by phone, 215-386-0701


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