BOO! (So much to share, it’s scary!)

The leaves are turning orange, the new school year is underway, and we’ve been busy as ever in the Student Success Center. Here are a few exciting new things to look out for:

Leaders of Change is now coming to a classroom near you!
Just because the summer’s over doesn’t mean LoC has gone into hibernation. Ninth graders can get involved now, and by the time they’re seniors, they can lead their own Change Campaigns (and participate in paid internships, too). And 12th graders who started over the summer get to see their hard work pay off even more. This is all possible because this year, for 9th and 12th graders, the LoC program is woven into enrichment periods, which happen from 3-4pm at UCHS Promise Academy.

Ninth graders are introduced to LoC during academic enrichments, where they’ll start to tackle the big questions: Who am I? Where am I going? How am I going to get there? The 12th grade summer alumni meet during social enrichment time. Building on their summer projects, they develop leadership skills and give back to the community through service, continuing to be true Leaders of Change inside the classroom and out.

Free dual enrollment. What? Did you say FREE COLLEGE CREDIT?
Yes indeed. This means 11th and 12th graders can get free college credit for taking classes, either during the school day or after school on the university campuses. Participants have to meet these requirements: A minimum 2.5 GPA, fewer than 19 absences, and no suspensions. For some of the colleges, students will also need to complete essays, interviews, or an orientation. Talk to your counselor if you’re interested.

A calendar full of upcoming events…this week!
Wed, Oct. 27- Lunch & Learn Panel: Connecting Your Major to Your Career
This panel will feature various professionals in the communications industry, and students will have the chance to network with professionals.

Thur, Oct. 28- Workshop: Career Skills and Teamwork
This workshop will focus on helping students realize working in teams is an essential skill. Working as a team can help you to increase productivity. This workshop will help you to understand how working as a team can help you accomplish your goals.

Friday, Oct. 29- College Trip: Cheyney University
About 30 seniors will travel to Cheyney University to attend their Fall Open House event, which includes a tour and info session. Throughout the day, students can also enjoy a fashion show, and/or a choir and a theater performance. Students with SAT scores and transcripts will have the opportunity to submit applications and even receive an admissions decision on-site.

Stay tuned for the November calendar, to be unveiled soon.


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