LoC reunion– remix!

Miss Berry holds down the fort (and the trifold poster) at the reunion

On November 19, 2010, Leaders of Change had a reunion and got together to do old rituals and cheers. We had the opportunity to interact with old friends and catch up on the times. While there, Interns from the SSC (Student Success Center) interviewed a couple of people and I happened to interview Malik Hill. Malik Hill, who is a senior, was asked, “How has Leaders of Change impacted your senior year?” and he said, “It made me look forward to going to college”. I also asked him “If you could do Leaders of Change again, would you?” and he said he would. As the interview went on, he gave me answers such as, “[it helps you with] keeping an open mind and it’s something new so try it!” referring to anyone who was an upcoming senior wanting to participate in Leaders of Change. From that interview, I took away that Malik benefited from Leaders of Change because it helped him become a better person and had a great experience.

–Darryl Bell ’11


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