Meet another STEM star, Justine Rawlings

Hey, I am an 11th grade student in STEM academy.

1. Why do you think your Academy is the best one?
STEM, which stands for Science Technology, Engineering and Math, is the best academy in the whole UCHS Promise Academy. STEM students are the best because we are bright leaders, hard workers, intelligent, and just fun people to be around. If you were to meet a STEM Academy student you might think one is a well-spoken and well-written young adult. You might think they are very fun and very comfortable to be around.  

2. If you were a piece of clothing, what would you be?

If I were an article of clothing I would be an Elmo shirt. I would be an Elmo shirt because he is my favorite character and I love shirts so I would combine both of them together and just be me all over the world!

3. Personal Statement

College is important to me, because it helps you to better yourself. If you grew up in an environment like I have you would strive to do better. I want to attend Georgia State University. The steps that I am taking to get where I’m going is researching colleges, studying for the PSSA, SATs and the ACTs. A successful career means being comfortable with your position in your place of business, and being able to provide for your family and still be able to give  back to your community.

–Justine Rawlings ’12


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