More tips from the College Fair + how to get $$$ for school

On Tuesday, I went with a group of seniors to the huge college fair. It was held at the Philadelphia School District building at 440 N. Broad St. It had 14 in-state schools, including Lock Haven University, Kutztown, Bloomsburg, West Chester University, and more. They gave us seniors a lot of important information we needed and that many of us are going to start doing. We were informed on Admission requirements, like SAT or ACT scores, high school transcript, or letters of recommendation.

But what about the Benjamins?

Now when attending a college, one of the main things a person worries about is how are they going to pay for it, so while we were there we learned of ways we can go about paying for college. There are grants, scholarships and loans. Grants and scholarships are the best to apply for because you don’t have to pay the money back! Loans are the ones you will have to pay for, so it’s best to get as many scholarships and grants possible. We learned that there are scholarships for athletics, talent, community, and merit which gives many options. Finally, they let us know how far the school was from Philadelphia and ended with everyone going around from table to table to go more information on the schools they were interested in applying to and basically did that until it was time to leave. Overall it was a good trip and everybody seemed to have enjoyed it.

–Darryl Bell ’11


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