Advisory Spotlight: Q&A with Ms. DeLong

We asked students to highlight teachers who make a difference in their Advisory experience–it’s a special part of the Jaguar Way! Justine chatted with Ms. DeLong for the inside scoop.

Something positive that my particular advisory teacher contributes to my experience is sharing her thoughts and experiences pertaining to the topic or that she had when she was my age.  My teacher Ms. DeLong’s style is laid back and chilled, and she makes it an environment where her class can come and just chill or talk and still be able to do our required work.

I also interviewed Ms. DeLong with three questions about our class:

Interview With Ms. DeLong
Q1: Why is advisory important?
A1: “Advisory is important, because it gets the students thinking about their future, college, and their lifetime goals.”
Q2:Why does Advisory matter for the Promise Academy?
A2:” Advisory matters to the promise academy, because the promise academy is geared to increase the success rate and college culture of University City High School.”
Q3:What is your favorite part of Advisory?
A3: “My favorite part of Advisory is getting to know all of my students.”
–Justine Rawlings ’12
Thanks to Ms. DeLong for all your hard work!
Leave a comment below if you know another awesome Advisory teacher who deserves a shout-out.

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