Karohn says: “It’s time to get busy!”

As a senior, it’s time for me to prepare for my future plans (college and career goals). So I gathered 2 lists of colleges, one with the colleges I visited and the other with the ones I did background on. Of these colleges I came up with a list of 7 colleges I am focusing my attention on. Those colleges are: Delaware State University, Morgan State University, Shippensburg University, Pennsylvania State University, LaSalle University, University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), and Millersville University. These colleges were chosen by my personal experience with each one. Out of these seven colleges my number one choice is University of Pennsylvania. I love this college, and the vibe you get when just hanging around the campus gives you a feel for the college.

UPenn is located right down the street from my high school, and the close relationship with students and faculty of the school make me more interested in perusing a career at their school. All of my applications are in, but that doesn’t mean I am finished doing college stuff. I am currently in the hunt for scholarships. Scholarships are not easy to get so, my hunt for scholarships do not stop when you get accepted to a school, it stops when you are done filling out every one you are eligible for. So for seniors, if you haven’t gotten past the application proses by this time, it’s time for you to get busy.

–Karohn Lawrence ’11


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