Meet Matt! (our lone, brave Sophomore)

Scoring academic touchdowns in the SSC

1. Why do you think your Academy is the best one?

1. Well… I’m in Arts and Humanities, but I think STEM’s the best because they have a lot of raffles and meetings.

2. If you were an article of clothing, what would you be?

If I had to choose an article of clothing it would be Abercrombie because everyone loves it.

 3. Personal Statement

Changing my school is important to me because a lot of kids think that after high school that’s it for them. They don’t want to go to college & extend their education. This pep rally coming up will inspire kids of all grades to think about college & make them want to go. College is important to me because I can’t play professional football without going there first. I want to attend Auburn, Penn, Syracuse, Rutgers, or Villanova. Right now I’m just doing my best in football & keeping my grades on par. It means everything to me because playing professional football is a goal that wont be easy to achieve. Just seeing college & professional games makes me inspired.

–Matt Gilliam ’13


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