A new addition to our SSC intern family!

Precious rocking her symbolic tie. Serious, yet chic.

Hi, my name Precious Lewis. I’m in the 12 grade.

1. Why do you think your Academy is the best one?

The academy I attend this year is Arts & Humanities. That academy is the best because we work together as a team. Arts & Humanities is a very smart, brilliant academy, they are respectful to each other, and they give good advice. We also love to play and joke around at times but we are very serious about the things that are very important in life.

2. If you were a piece of clothing, what would you be?

I would be a tie because it remind me how serious life is and how things in my life are important like my family, school, and being a successful person.

3. Personal Statement

I’m very serious about changing my school and community. It’s very important to me because it’s the school I attend and it’s also the neighborhood I live in. To help change my school and community I joined a program this summer called Leaders of Change where we did projects about what would we do  to help our community or what don’t you like about your community and how you would change it. Leader of Change also helped me understand why college is very important and why I should go and how it can benefit me in life. It’s so important for me to go to college now because I want to prove all these people that told me I would not be anything in life wrong. I want to show them I’m smart and I can go far in life.

I’m not really sure what college I want to attend but I’m trying to get into the best one. The step I’m taking to get there is getting good grades, filling out a lot of applications, and doing stuff to make my college applications look very good. What does a successful career mean to me ? A successful career is something I like and love to do for the rest of my life. What influences the way I think about my career is my little sister because I want her to grow up and be successful in life.

–Precious Lewis ’11


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