From research to registration: Darryl makes it happen

In the college process I’m actually close to being finished. After high school I plan to go to trade school and study Computer Drafting and Design. I’ve already been accepted to ITT Tech and plan to start on September 12, 2011. The only step I have left is applying for scholarships, grants, and loans, and then I will be set for my life after high school. The steps I took to getting to this point started with coming down to the Student Success Center in my spare time. I started to look up trade schools I was interested in and I came across ITT Tech; I was thinking about going to college but I felt I wasn’t ready for college just yet, so I found ITT Tech and I looked up all the areas of study they offer and saw Computer Drafting and Design. I knew I liked to draw and design things, and I love computers, so I knew that would best fit me.

Then I scheduled a visit to go see if it was actually something I wanted to do. It was! I liked everything I saw there and couldn’t wait to start. Finally, I took a placement test and was later informed that they accepted me and I was sort of surprised but happy nonetheless. So I’m glad to have gotten one step of the long process of senior year out of the way and look forward to graduation!!

–Darryl Bell ’11


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