A Key for Success + Words to live by

No... not that kind of key.

One of my favorite quotes is “Make the most of every minute.” During the summer I was an employee for Leaders of Change and a few people from Quantum Learning came in and taught us a few Keys for Success and this was one of them. This quote is meaningful to me because in my past I haven’t really taken advantage of the time I was given. I have come a long way, from C’s and D’s to A’s and B’s. I am proud of myself and to see how proud I made my mother meant the world to me. Time is one of the things in life that you can not take back so why not make the most of every minute?

I also think my school changing has helped me transform into the person that I am because we have a better support system. Meaning that, my teachers are willing to stay after school with me and meet with me early in the morning. Sometimes I feel under pressure because now I have no excuse not to do well. It’s so hard, sometimes I just want to stay home and lay in my bed but I have to do what’s good for my future.

As time passed, I knew I had to make the most of every minute to succeed in life because no job would hire a failure. I wouldn’t hire a failure myself. I would want the best of the best in my college or working for me. I have changed for the better and that is all that matters to me as a human being.

–Ashley Hook ’11


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