Conquering the Senior Project

Senior Project. When you think about this assignment do you get scared or nervous? Or do you get excited and stimulated? If you ask me, I am not at all stimulated about doing this assignment.  I wouldn’t say that I am nervous but I would say that the requirements of this assignment frightens me. The fact that we have to present our project in front of faculty that will be giving students a grade on their performance, has me feeling like my graduation  is on the line.

That part of the assignment  is the part I believe would be the hardest. I have some experience from the summer with Leaders of Change with public speaking and I also picked up some skills from attending meetings with Ms. Janice Park, so I know a little bit about public speaking. With this in mind, I believe that I will be upset and crying come June during the day of graduation. I believe this because I know for a fact that when its time to present my senior project my confidence will have led me through the presentations for me to move on and graduate in June.

–Karohn Lawrence ’11


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