Exploring the properties (and drama) of Titanium in Chem class

A project or assignment I’ve done so far for a class that I am proud of would have to be my element project. I did this project for my 9th period Chemistry class. The assignment was for me to write a report on the chemical element given to me and then draw and model the atomic structure of said element. My Element was Titanium (Ti). I found out that there was a lot of controversy with who discovered Titanium. It was told that a man named William Gregor discovered Titanium, but it was recorded that a man named Martin Heinrich Klaproth discovered it. I also found out Titanium has 22 electrons and protons and 26 neutrons. I enjoyed this project because I like… no, I LOVE researching different topics and finding out any and everything there is about the topic. The hardest part was drawing the model of the atomic structure, because I am not a good artist. I’m not sure if the project relates to my college or career goals, but I am proud of this work because I am proud of everything I do.

–Justine Rawlings ’12


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