“The earlier the bird, the faster you get the worm.”

Checking out the swag at the College Fair

A group of University City High School seniors attended a college fair at The School District of Philadelphia with the Student Success Center last month. At this college fair they had this wonderful movie planned for us to watch with 14 different colleges in the state and out of state. This movie showed us why it was important for us to go college and ways of getting there. The movie talk about financial aid and admissions requirements, and how important to fill everything out early because the earlier the bird ,the faster you get the worm.

I also like the fact that the seniors were so interested in visiting the many different colleges that were offered at the college fair. We took time out in visiting the colleges tables and asking question about their mayors and reason why we should come to their college in the near future.  We had a good opportunity to fill out college applications on spot and also receive fee waivers. This college fair was a good opportunity for the seniors at University City and from what I saw they really enjoyed themselves. Why I think this college fair was good for the student because it gave them a chance to talk with the college admission officers of 14 different schools.

–Jasive Ollivierre ’11
Photo also by Jasive


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