Round 1 of College Apps: stressful, but worth it.

As a senior, I’ve already applied to at least six colleges but still haven’t sent out my transcript, report card, SAT scores, essay, and application fee. I don’t have any top choice yet but I hope to find out before February or so. I’m not applying to any colleges again until I’m done with those I already applied to.

I’m working on an essay right now about “Life In the US’’ or why I want to go to college. I choose this topic because not many people go to college or graduate high school, but I have the opportunity to go and I’m thankful for the opportunity and I will make use of it by going to college and graduating. I always wonder why people drop out of high school and others don’t go to college when the opportunity is right there in their face to just grasp. I wonder why others in different countries would love and be more than thankful to have that opportunity…but once again those same people probably wouldn’t use the opportunity if they have it in the first place, but will make use of it when it’s hard for them to get.

I think we all should just make use of opportunities once we can grasp them. I’ve heard many say that senior year of high school is fun and easy and whatnot but this is my most stressful year of school yet,  since we have the senior project, class projects and whole a lot to do…not to mention the school hours. Applying to college is more stressful than anything I’ve ever faced but the sooner I get it done the less stress it is. I think senior year going to be fun after April and I’m looking forward to it.

–Souhoud Sore ’11


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