Local issues: what the economy means for students

Before break, we all read an article from the Philly Tribune and took some time to reflect on it, as a current events project and blog entry combined. You can find the article here. What does this have to do with us at UCHS? Read along with us. Here’s what Souhoud thought:

I was shocked when I read the article even though it was written on Nov 30th and I read it on December 20th. I don’t think we have the exact same issue here in UCHS as they do out there, but I’m certain that we have at least a small amount. There is poverty everywhere but I couldn’t imagine this kind of poverty. I could say that this issue leaves me with unanswered questions but I think I already got the answers to the questions as I come from a country of poverty.

Students in UCHS need to know this because they can probably end up like that if they don’t take their education seriously, come to school regularly, and go to college or trade school. The way today’s world or the economy is, it seems like even college graduates are jobless, not just non-higher education people. But even if you can’t find a job later, it’s still the best choice to have a college degree or a higher degree in case, because everything changes, especially the economy.

–Souhoud Sore ’11


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