AP English Lit is the bom: You go Ms. Silver

Ms. Silver’s first period class is the greatest, most intellectual, and most intense AP English Literature Class in the school.  Her class consists of 13 bright students who are willing to place their best foot forward and work hard to be the best of the best.

Last semester we read Jarhead by Anthony Swofford, which is about Swofford’s experience in the Gulf War between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Swofford joined the army at the age of seventeen straight out of high school. He was a trained sniper. The themes we studied expressed in the book were  the coming of age theme, conforming on the outside while questioning on the inside, and isolation. We also discussed the symbolism of sand, suicide, boredom, women, and more.

–Glenika Creese ’12


3 thoughts on “AP English Lit is the bom: You go Ms. Silver

  1. Yay, Nika! You encapsulated the book (and the class) beautifully. One correction… The Gulf War was fought between Iraq and Kuwait. Oops (but no big deal).

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