“I’m a pro at this now.”

I’ve been doing this internship with the Student Success center for a while now and I can say I enjoyed it. I had some bad and good days but that’s just life. I know I’m just experiencing what it will be like when I start working at a real job and its experiences. This internship has taught me a lot about being in a professional workplace and how to conduct myself. I have gotten previous internships with the Student Success Center so I can say I’m a pro at this now.

I have learned how to deal with certain things that having a job poses. Having this internship and others as well, has helped me grow as a person, I’m maturing, learning how to communicate better with people and building up my skills as a person. My intern experience has helped me meet people I thought I would never talk to on a daily basis and I really enjoyed the people I have met. My supervisors have been great to work for and I enjoy working with them as well. When it’s all said and done, I would like to go into my next job and be the best employee I could be and know I have my intern experiences to thank.

–Darryl Bell ’11


2 thoughts on ““I’m a pro at this now.”

  1. I believe internships are excellent practice to get ready for a real job because it teaches you values and responsibility.

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