Look Out !

Karohn interviews with Mr. Speed, a graduate of West Philly High and the University of Pennsylvania

Today at the SSC we held a Mock Interview Workshop. The purpose of this workshop was to help develop the communication skills of the students at UCHS. At this workshop, the students had the opportunity to act as if they were on a real job interview. They had to conduct themselves as young ladies and gentlemen because this was only the beginning.

They received good and bad criticism to help them present themselves in a better manner. Our school has not been perceived as one of the best schools so how our students present themselves to the outside matters. Furthermore, the same students that were at the workshop were also students who had signed up to receive paid internships. The internships that they applied for consisted of hard work, dedication and maturity because they were going outside to work for huge companies; so not only were the students representing themselves but they were also representing the school. The students were also rewarded with pizza and soda for joining us in this event. Our students are getting prepared for the “real world,” because they will need these skills going out there. It is more competitive than ever out there, and presenting yourself really matters no matter what kind of interview it is from a college interview to a job interview. Look out for our students including me because we have the ability and skills to take your job 🙂

–Ashley Hook ’11


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