Hard To Say Goodbye

We'll miss you too!

High school is soon to be over for me and then there is a new challenge for me to conquer. When I sit and think, it feels like I entered high school just yesterday. In high school Ive met some lifetime friends and some hardships that possibly changed my life forever but through it all, I’m still standing strong.

I would really like to thank all my supporters. The one thing I’ll miss the most is just hanging with all my friends in my classes.  When I would be upset at home, I knew I could go to school and have a positive day. Graduation is just four months away and I want to say I can’t wait, but I am so emotional. I’m just glad to say I have finally mad it through the good times and bad times. I am so proud of myself. Would I do it over? UMM, maybe! I dont know. Real world, here I come, and nobody can stop me now!
–Ashley Hook ’11


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