Switching gears: new Senior Project topic!

As I write this, last week was the deadline for seniors to have 80 note cards turned in. I only have about 60 done but I’m not worried about not having them all done. I still plan on finishing my note cards and moving on to the next step of my senior project. The reason I’m so behind is that I once again changed my topic. This time I decided to research heart attack and stroke. I changed my topic to heart attack and stroke because people can have a heart attack or a stroke at any point and may not know how or why they got it.

It can stem from many reasons and people finding out those reasons can help prevent fewer occurrences. Since I started I found a lot of information and found out some interesting facts that I wasn’t aware of. I’m now looking forward to completing the whole project so it can be out of the way!

–Darryl Bell ’11


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