My Life As A Senior

My life as a senior is getting closer and closer to the end. We are now into third marking period and I’m pretty tired. I’m starting to get senioritis. I just want prom and graduation day to hurry up. I want to experience the fun and sadness with my friends and my school staff.

One thing I will truly miss the most is the Student Success Center. The Student Success Center has changed me as a person. I believe I am more dedicated,  determined, and committed to everything I do. I would truly like to come back and work with them because they treated me as if I were family. If I was feeling sick or down, someone in there would be sure to put a smile on my face. They also gave me the “shove” I needed to apply to college. I applied to seven different colleges. In addition, they have to me how to communicate with other people.

I will never forget Ms. Morgan’s favorite words, “don’t say shut up”.  To us shut up is a term that is used in our normal life but since she said this every time I would say shut up, I do not even say it anymore and if I do I always seem to catch myself.

Coming into University City I didn’t really want to be here but the Student Success Center made me realize how it takes courage and perseverance to do anything. This is my life, not anyone else’s, only I have to live it so I have to make the best of  what I have.

–Ashley Hook ’11


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