My Report Card = HONOR ROLL!!

YYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I DID IT  ! I DID IT ! IIIIIIIIIIII DDDDDDDDDIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDDDDD IIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M ON HONOR ROLL ! It feels so good to be on honor roll, and cannot believe I did it ! I’m so proud of myself 😉

First Quarter- English4-D, Social Science-F, Visual art-B, Music1-F

Second Quarter- English4,-A, Social Science-B, Visual Art-B, Music1-A

This is my second time being on Honor Roll, and the first time was when I was in the fifth grade. It feel so good and I feel like everyone is so proud of me !
It makes me feel good and proud of myself and that I know I can do even better next time ! I feel like I achieve a lot.  The only thing that bothering me right now is I still did not bring my GPA up, and I’m at a 2.10 right now . So this markingg period I really need to work hard to raise my GPA. On the other hand I have 22 credit and by the end of the marking period I should have around 27 credits. So with that being said, this third marking period I need to be on my “A” GAME !

–Precious Lewis ’11


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