Supreme Court @ UCHS, part II

In my A.P. Government class we were to act as justices in the Supreme Court and listen to our fellow classmates plead their cases. The case that my class studied was the seventh period case United States Vs. Wrights. In 2006, Congress passed a law called the Respect for America’s Fallen Heroes Act (RAFHA). This law made it a federal crime to engage in certain types of protests at cemetaries run by national cemetary administration, or at Arlington National cemetery. Ms. Wright was being accused of breaking the law for protesting only 100 feet away from a fallen soldiers’ funeral.

When the law states that no protests are allowed at a soldiers funeral, no person may carry out a demonstration unless they have approval, the person protesting may be at least 150 feet away, and you may not protest 60 minutes before or after the funeral. The family’s wishes were to have a private funeral. As we listened to them plead their cases, the justices agreed that the U.S won because they provided more evidence and facts. To find more information about our case click here! And click here to read about Darryl’s case, Philadelphia v. Ted’s Pizza.

–Ashley Hook ’11


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