College (and pizza) tips from a pro!

Candice , a student at Penn’s Graduate School of Education, visited the SSC a few weeks ago. She wanted to give UCHS another shout out, and share some advice for the road ahead.


While visiting the Student Success Center, a few of you mentioned how often your teachers referenced college. Naturally, this makes you curious, apprehensive, and excited about going to college. You’re on the path to conquer high school, so I know you will thrive in college as well. Although right now the thought of it may seem overwhelming, but trust you’ll survive and have fun at the same time. Think of college as high school to the tenth power.

In high school, your teachers assign homework to you on a daily basis. In college, you’ll be given a syllabus, which outlines your homework for the ENTIRE semester. Who reminds you when homework is due? No one. Time management and organization are key skills. Practice now.

In high school, you’re in classes all day. In college you might only have one class a day. All that free time is not really free time. My best tip is to use that time to review your notes and study. You’ll be tempted to nap, trust me, fight the urge. The goal here is to get all your work done during the day, because you’re still used to doing schoolwork until about 3pm.

Since you’ve been so diligent during the day, you can enjoy your evenings. College is so much fun! It wouldn’t be fair to only address the academics, because so much happens outside of the classroom. You might be living in a residence hall (which is a great way to meet friends), you may join several clubs, or you may play on one of your university’s athletic teams. Either way make sure you take time to enjoy the experience. And remember the most important phone number on any college campus is to the late night pizza delivery restaurant. My personal Philly favorite is Powelton Pizza.

Hope that helped!

–Candice Staples, Penn GSE
(Click here to read a post from one of Candice’s classmates, Emily.)


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