The King’s Speech?

Almost. It’s the SSCLA Intern’s speech–but maybe Matt’ll win an Oscar for this one too. This is the speech he’s planning to give this week, as a recap for all the SSCLA interns at other schools. Let him know what you think!

Good afternoon, my name is Matthew Gilliam and I am an SSCLA Intern at University City High School Promise Academy. Today I want to update you on our three most recent projects. First we have our SSCLA project titled “College As An Investment”. We’ve had to be very flexible with our planning for the project, because of numerous inconveniences including the snow days. We are going to partner with our school, and conduct our project as a whole community. While our juniors participate in a PSSA Pep Rally, our seniors will take part in a college fair, and the sophomores & freshmen will compete in a fun & informative Jeopardy game for Advisory. We will have teachers & visitors from various universities talk at both the college fair & the pep rally, and UCHS teachers & staff will wear their college sweatshirts to the event.

Concurrently we’ve been working on the “Pay It Forward” Community Service Project. This project has been spread across three fridays of February. We’ve had twenty Penn volunteers come out to help us get started. Our third and final project is the “Let’s Get Ready” program for freshmen & sophomores. This program is for our higher achievers on the PSAT test. They will come to the SSC Satellite for college & SAT Prep. This program will be held two days out of every week during the school’s Enrichment Hour. Other than these big projects on our agenda we are continuing our Enrichment classes for freshmen & seniors, our Advisory lessons for the whole school, & the daily work of getting students the college & career exploration help they need. Thank you for all your time & have a nice afternoon.

-Matt Gilliam ’13


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