I never knew being a senior was this hard and stressful. I thought that once you made it to the 12th grade, you could chill and relax until your day comes to leave the school… but you better believe it’s nothing like that. You actually have to work harder than you ever did to keep up your grades up, making sure your name is on the list to graduate. Also, there is a senior project you have to do to be able to walk with the rest of your classmates, and if you don’t then you miss out on one of the best things that will ever happen to you in life. Being a senior also means you have to stay on top of your game: no fights, no back talking to teachers, no acting rude and NO being out of uniform. Nothing at all, because proms and trips can get taken away from you but then again, it’s teaching us how to act when we leave high school and enter the real world.

Sometimes going to school and working can be a bit stressful because you might have other stuff to do like homework, projects, and college applications, but as a young adults it’s our responsibility to keep track of our time. Friends play an important part in everyone’s life, but when you go to school and work, you have to spend less time with them. Some friends are considerate and understand that you have other responsibilities, but then others are not.  You have to find a balance between working to make money, being with your friends, and doing school work. We have to develop a hunger to accomplish our dreams, and the best thing we seniors can do is to be responsible about the choices that we make because if we take responsibility for ourselves, we will achieve those dreams!

–Jasive Ollivierre ’11


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