Becoming a businesswoman (and college student!) through Dual Enrollment

March 1st, 2011 was my first day at my dual enrollment class.  It’s a college credit class that is taught by a real college professor. My professor’s name is Professor Black, who teaches at Cheyney University. The class is 2 hours long,  and this is long time to me because I’m not sure I can stay in one place for so long. If you pass this class, you receive 3 college credits, and to me thats very good for a freshman going into college. In class we basically got an idea of how the class was formed and what it’s about. We also got to know more about our professor and he got to know a little about us. Then we talked about entrepreneurship, and what it’s all about. Then we also started our first project which is due on March 15th. This is the start of something new for me and I can’t wait to see whats going happen for the rest of the semester.
–Jasive Ollivierre ’11

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