FAFSA, PHEEA, Scholarship workshop

On Wednesday, the Student Success Center had a FAFSA, PHEEA and scholarship workshop for seniors. It was held through 4, 5, and 6 period in the Satellite center in the lunchroom. They provided food for those who came and completed the forms, and the SSC staff was there helping anyone who needed help. There were a lot of seniors finishing their FAFSA and PHEEA and some were looking for scholarships. This was a great opportunity for seniors who have not finished (or started) their FAFSA to finish it and all of them took the opportunity like the ULTIMATE OPPORTUNITY.

Doc Sane says that ‘’opportunity is as scarce as oxygen; men fairly breathe it and do not know it’’ but all my peers definitely breathe and saw this opportunity, and they grasped it like it was the last workshop for FAFSA, PHEEA and scholarships. Students who need help can come to the SSC (room 4) in the basement. The best and happy part was that the process ran smoothly and seniors completed their stuff, but the best of everything was probably the food the SSC staff has to offer: pizza, hot wings and drinks for those who completed the forms. It was FUN!!!!! Wish we could have something similar again.

–Souhoud Sore ’11


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