Athlete: My Life

Soccer is my new favorite sport. I am a sports fanatic and my number 1 sports were always football and track and field. I played both of these sports, track with my school and football with the guys on the block. I love watching and participating in sports. This year is the first time ever that I have decided to play soccer with the girls’ team. It has been a BLAST!!!! It is way better than watching it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s VERY tiring, but you don’t realize you’re tired until after the game.

Our first game is on Tuesday at 3:15 and it’s a home game, so come support the GIRLS’ SOCCER TEAM!


–Glenika Creese ’12


2 thoughts on “Athlete: My Life

  1. i never play soccer before but the way you talk about it, it seem fun. i played football all the time with my brothers and its fun. this season i running track i didnt start yet because i didnt get a physical yet ! but i cant wait to start running.

  2. Glenika and Precious, you girls make me so happy with this post, I ran track for ten years and am so glad you’re into it too. What events do you want to run, sprints or long distance? Or what about HURDLES? Woooooooooooo go track & field!!

    -Ms Mara

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