Summer Internships

During the summer you can join the program Leaders of Change. This program helps you work with others that you’ve never worked with before. If gives you a chance to come out of your comfort zone and try new things that you never thought you would do before. You would become an intern for Leaders of Change and would work on some important topics about your community. You would be able to make a change for your community and try to get others to help you out. This program would broaden your horizons and make you want to keep coming each summer. From my experience I thought that Leaders of Change was a good opportunity for me because I was grouped up with some of my peers that I’d never talked to a day in my life, and I had to communicate with them in order to complete our essay that we started. Overall I would highly recommend Leaders of Change to others because it was the highlight of my summer that year and that I made some new friends.

–Tyneisha Bostic ’11


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