Paved the Way

I am at my last days of high school and I feel relieved and stressed at the same time. I feel relieved because I am graduating out of high school and my worries about that are gone. I am stressed about not really knowing what my next step is after I graduate. I have a few options and my mother wants me to go away but I am not sure if I want to.  If only I had all the answers because I wish that I did. My mom always told me to do what I thought was best for me but now she is trying to make me go away just because she wants me to see how the experience will be.  I plan to do what is best for me because this is my life and I only get one and that is what I was taught.  Now that I’m almost out of here, I have not only paved a way for my little brother but I have paved a way for the next generation.

–Ashley Hook ’11


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