Nukia’s awesome (and touching) senior project

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Shout Out, Shout Out!!

Yesterday I watched my fellow classmate Nukia present her senior project. She wrote her senior project on teen mothers and the stigma versus the successes. Her family came out and supported her. She chose this topic because she is a teenage mother herself so I felt as though this was going to be an interesting presentation to watch. As I watched her present she touched me not only because she had shed a few tears but because of all the knowledge she had gained from her research. Ms. Berry said that her presentation was the best presentation that she ever seen from a young person. Nukia received a 96 and now all her worries are gone.

–Ashley Hook ’11


One thought on “Nukia’s awesome (and touching) senior project

  1. Nukia had an unfair advantage with her adorable visual aid (Mya).

    I fought so hard for these senior projects, but you guys went above and beyond. So proud!

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