The big day! (omg)

The day is  here. Today I will be presenting my senior project. I’m a little nervous about it because  I’m not very fond of speaking out loud. I sometimes get a little nervous  when I’m speaking out loud. My friends that already presented told me that its nothing to worry about just as long as you know your topic and what you are talking about it should go good. The two teachers that I will present in front of are the two teachers that I get along with the most. I believe that it will be good for me because I feel comfortable around them. I still would be just a little nervous. I hope I pass with maybe a high B because I have been working for a while on this project. I guess we will just see what happens 🙂


Today is the day that I have to present my senior project. Like I said before I’m a little nervous about it but I believe that I will pass it. I’m doing my senior project on Progeria which is a childhood disease that affects little children. It’s very rare and a lot of people have never heard of it before. For one year of aging for us it is ten years of aging for them. It’s a very difficult disease to have because the age limit for kids with Progeria is 14-15 years. It’s a very interesting project to have because you would want to learn more about it. Like I said before I hope that I do good and pass with at least a B average.

–Tyneisha Bostic ’11


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