School’s Over

During all my years at UCHS it always has been fun and a new and different scene. I’ve met new people that I have come to love. Now that the year is almost over there’s a lot of stress on the seniors. It has been fun meeting new characters and getting to know them. With different things happening each day you really wouldn’t want to miss out. Now prom is right around the corner and things are getting hectic. Senior grades are going in on the seventh and I can’t wait until I stop working. Some of the people that I talk to I might never see anymore.  As a senior this is a good experience for me because I have been waiting forever for this moment. With less than two weeks left  everyone is just anxious to get out now (including me).  I will miss the school days where I see all my friends and talk about everything, and getting up early to come and learn and to have fun. Those days will truly be missed but it’s now our time to get out in the world and experience life for ourselves.

–Tyneisha Bostic ’11


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