A Teacher’s Words

My teacher shared some advice with me that his parents had given him and it touched me because I had gotten the feeling that his parents supported him with every decision that he made. This is what he shared with me: “As I left for college from Chicago to Philly, my mom told me, “Smile my son, even when you are sad.” That advice, plus the support from students like you and many, many teachers, keeps me going.” When he said these words I felt as if he was the strongest man in the world. Lets be real, who possibly smiles when they are sad, NOT ME. I frown, cry and everything else besides anything that has to do with smiling. He is also one of my biggest supporters in my school and I never knew that he was so strong. We built our close student teacher relationship through Leaders of Change and throughout my senior year he has pushed me because I am becoming very lazy. I am proud to say this man is Mr. Schiera. I just want to thank him for his bravery and kindness.

–Ashley Hook ’11


One thought on “A Teacher’s Words

  1. Ashley,

    It is students like you who keep me going every day. You all are the reason I consider U. City home, the U. City students and staff family, and the reason I push myself to do my best every day. I am still learning a lot– about being a teacher, and being a person in this world– but I am proud to be who I am. And I am honored to serve with strong students who know who they are, and seek fairness and justice in an ever-changing world.

    Thank you,

    Mr. S

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