A Day at Saturday School

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This past Saturday the students played against the teachers in a softball game. The students definitely got swept. The teachers beat them so bad that the students lost count of the score. I had a feeling that the teachers were going to win because a lot of our teachers are very athletic. Some students that participated in this event are Matt Brennan, Nukia Bush, Faynou Sore, Tiffany Lee, Daquane Miller. Some teachers that participated in this game are Mr. Uthman, Mr. Mitch, Ms. Delong, Mr. Gargwood, Ms. Moore and let me not forget Principal Stults. I could not participate in this game because That is just not my type of game. They should have had a double dutch contest and I would have won. The next Saturday that we have school there will be a kickball game being held out in the field, students against teachers again. I cannot wait to see this game my I bet you that the teachers will win again.

–Ashley Hook ’11


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