Fave. Quotes

Hey All!!!

This is Fave. Quotes, where I, Karla, highlight some of the AWESOME comments from the day.

Leaders of Change Day 1 is already over; I can’t believe it.

Shout out to all the different teams, A – F.

Now for some fave quotes of the day from the Brian Peterson talk:

Entrepreneurship: “Getting Money!”

“People with the same goals working together”

“We’re all entrepreneurs cause we are all trying to get an education.”

“It’s gonna be Grand Opening and Grand Closing if we act as the audience and not the participant.”

“YOU must be the owner.”

“Students working for the community makes us Social Entrepreneurs”

“I was not an entrepreneur – my hussle was doing the least needed to get by and graduate… I missed a lot of opportunities by doing this.”

“Investment – your education is an investment”

“Perseverance – you have to commit to what you do”

Brian Peterson helped us put into perspective what it is we want, what we expect, and how we intend to get there. It was an inspiring talk with the participation of our students.

I’m so excited for tomorrow and all the great comments to come. 🙂

– Karla


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