Fave. Quotes

Hey all!!!

The second day here at UCity LOC has flown by with some quotes that should not be forgotten, and will not be forgotten (’cause I’m typing them up!) 🙂

What is LOC?

“Leaders of change is a paid internship that educates teens to be social entrepreneurs. Provides workplace experience as positive change agents, applying our skills to gather information about our community. Our goal is to improve our community to improve our environment.”


“A team study that will successfully build a project that meets community needs will be done by identifying ways to better our community in mapping our areas, interviewing community members, surveying our communities and presenting our findings to our community.”

Ms. Berry Spotlight
“I’m not pushing you anywhere, I’m just telling you that there are options.”

“The goal is to find where you want to be, and adjusting the plan to get there.”

“Advocate for yourself – if you fail or succeed at life, it will be because you wanted it to happen and you made it happen, not because someone did something. You have to make it happen.”

“You should leave today feeling empowered”

Mr. Schiera Spotlight
“It’s not fair to be judged by a number if you don’t know how that number is calculated”

Today, our students came to understand why they are here, what they are doing, and who they are by doing what they are doing. They got to reflect on their high-school careers over the last 3 years and plan properly for their senior year. I’m very excited about all the progress and difference that this program is making.

Till tomorrow and another profitable day, 😀



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