Fave. Quotes – Quantum Learning

There is not enough space for today’s blog – I’d have to publish a book if I wanted to get in all the awesome things we learned today. So I’ll do my best to be concise and get in the important points:

Stepping our of your Comfort Zone into the Learning Zone :

Everytime you try something new, you learn something.

Our Image: “Who We Be”

Fimage: Fear of Image – Fear of the way other people see us

It protects us, but the same time it limits what we can be

“Fimage” – “Fimage won’t hold me back!”

Dance like nobody’s watching when you move out of your comfort zone


Values and actions together make Integrity

Failure leads to success 

Use words to build people up not break people down , Speak with good purpose

This is it , Take advantage of each moment

Stick to the things you want in life, Commitment

Take Ownership, I am responsible for what I do

Be Flexible – approach problems from different angles

Do what needs to be done first – have Balance

Sending Messages

Whatever you are doing, saying… even wearing at any given moment, you are sending a message to the people and world around you about WHO YOU ARE!!!

——————— OWNERSHIP———————




                              respond – ability                              


Lay Blame  – ” You didn’t remind me”

Justify  – “It’s okay ’cause I’ll do better next time”

Deny  – “I’m not late”

Quit   – “I’m out of here”

“How are you living” –  “ABOVE THE LINE!”

Today was amazing with Quantum learning. Our paths to success looks brighter just having had them with us. So excited to see them tomorrow, “it’s gonna blow today out of the water” 😀

– Karla


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