Fave. Quotes

Today, we looked in-depth at our community project, specifically at the different areas our need assessments would like to tackle. Students presented many different questions they would like to ask community members that they plan to interview tomorrow and the day after. Nonetheless, it was one side-track question that left the deepest impression on me:

“Why is it that the communities that  don’t need help are the ones that get help?”

Now, one should frame the context of the question to truly understand where it was coming from. Our program seeks to create leaders of change in our community. But we know our student employees come from many different communities, and the word ‘community’ or ‘neighborhood’ as used in class does not yet hold the intended meaning of the ‘2×2’ block that each team was assigned for their research. The question was posed because when asked to limit the scope of their questions to that ‘2×2’ block area, this particular employee found his neighborhood too normal to warrant help. But a response was forthcoming, and I present a summary:

“We are going to take the skills we learn from working in these communities and apply them to our own communities.  We are learning to be agents of change here, to know how to affect our own neighborhoods.”

I appreciate that here at LOC, we are schooling leaders who can return to their community and help bring the change they feel their communities deserve. One day, we can hope that it will be said that:

“No communities need help”


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