07/20/11 D-Day

Today was decision day for Leaders of Change. That means each group decided which one of five aspects of healthy communities (food access, safety, recreation, community businesses, and waste/recycling) they wanted to focus on in their own two by two block neighborhoods. In order to make this momentous decision the employees created interview questions that were geared to assessing the thoughts and feelings of residents about how well their neighborhoods met each of these needs. They practiced interviewing skills, including making eye contact, speaking clearly and professionally, and paraphrasing responses. After all this preparation the employees conducted their first round of interviews on neighborhood residents who had volunteered to come in and speak with them. This morning we were supposed to go out into our assigned neighborhoods to perform a second round of interviews. Unfortunately, the heat prevented such an ambitious undertaking. However, the morning did not go to waste. The employees took initiative, and spent the time organizing the information from the first interviews, thoroughly digesting it, and using the responses and their own knowledge to pick an area of focus. In the afternoon, most teams worked on formulating more specific interview questions toward their specific topics, and drafting outlines and rough drafts of their proposals. Meanwhile, team D had a workshop with Ms. Berry. The employees researched careers they might be interested in, including majors related to those careers, further education if necessary, and schools in the area with those programs. The employees created accounts with careercruising.com, which will allow them to act as educational entrepreneurs on their own behalves as they begin navigating the college admission process and beyond.


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