07/21/11 Career Cruising and Needs Assessing

Thursday was another scorching hot day, and as such school needed to close after one Thursday, and for the whole day on Friday. Consequently, our employees spent the morning wrapping up what had been a very important week. Teams A, B, C, E, and F worked as educational¬†entrepreneurs researching careers, majors, and schools on careercruising.com. Meanwhile, Team D received an extra lesson in what conducting a needs assessment and being a researcher is really all about. Mr. Schiera came in and asked the employees of Team D what they would need to do their jobs better. He received many answers, such as food, water, breaks etc. After carefully interviewing and listening to the employees needs he proceeded to give his own opinions, either denying they really needed those things or explaining why they were unfeasible. Finally, one employee asked, “If you just gonna be like that, why’d you ask us in the first place?” The team all learned a valuable lesson about the role a researcher must play in a needs assessment, namely to really listen to what the interviewee has to say and to keep their own opinions out of the process. Team D then proceeded to create a solution to the heat problem, and conducted their first interview of a member of their assigned community over the phone. The employees used all the interview skills they had been practicing including politeness, active listening, professional language, and asking follow-up questions. Before the day ended, many of the employees chose to attend a working lunch led by Mr. Peterson. While the employees ate pizza, Mr. Peterson talked to them about being young entrepreneurs in high school and the importance of going to college even if your business is already making money.


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