Fave. Quotes

Today we were glad to have Mr. Brian Peterson with us again to share his knowledge. Here are some Quote-worthy things we took away:

“As an enterpreneur sometimes you are gonna lose money, but you are still gonna be proud of your work because its your passion.” – Using his first book as an example, Mr. Peterson introduced us to this concept of Pride despite initial Failings. His ability to to re-shape the direction of his writing/creative passion into writing a guide book for African-American students showed that one should go on despite initial setbacks.
“How many of us have thought that we have the talent to do something, but have that little voice telling us that we can’t do it on  a big level? … Sometimes it’s ourself that is working against us”  – in discussing entrepreneurship, Mr. Peterson encouraged us to be aware of that voice that holds us back, but moreover he used this to emphasize the importance of planning. Many students and teachers alike had thought that they would like to own their own business, yet when asked directly after how many people had sat down and analyzed the obstacles and strengths with such an idea, many hands went down.
“You need to plan out your life, you need to think about the question: “what am I going to do with my life?” … You need to do research,” – our employees left today with the sense of what it means to look at one’s life plan, set goals and most importantly, assesss the obstacles in their way and the resources they have that would help them overcome these obstacles to achieve success.  In so doing, they came to understand more about the concept of research and the role it plays in making decisions.
But not forgetting our students and their awesome insight!!!
Student comment of the day – “People do what they see – Black males see people selling drugs on the corner and they think that’s where I need to be, but they don’t need to be there, they need to be going to college and getting up out the hood.” (Snaps for this comment)
At the end of the day, we came out knowing much more than we did walking in (despite the heat and dark premonition 🙂 ). Till tomorrow and more noteworthy quotes.

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