07/25/11 Think like an Entrepreneur

Unfortunately for Leaders of Change the air conditioning was turned off in University City High School over the weekend so our worksite and offices were all uncomfortably hot. With the help of a few fans and a can-do attitude all of the employees were able to enjoy another talk from Mr. Peterson. Through the lens of  his own personal story, he shed light on what it really means to be an entrepreneur. The main take-away from the talk was that the employees can think like entrepreneurs about everything. The key is the three P’s: Purpose, Plan, and Persevere. He also talked about research and the role of researchers. The key question was, “What counts as knowledge for a research paper?” The employees learned what they might think they know about a topic does not count as knowledge unless it is verified by a reliable source (interview, survey, book, etc.) However, as researchers they should not be out trying to verify their own opinions. They need to be just as willing to find their opinions contradicted by their sources, and to use that knowledge in their papers. After lunch, the employees took care of some of the business aspects of LOC. They filled out their time sheets and completed their self-evaluations. Though the day was cut short by heat, it was still very productive.


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