07/26/11 Data, Statistics, and Surveys

With a firm understanding that the knowledge for the final report must come from people in the community, a few questions still remained. How do researchers gather information? What kind of information do they gather? And what do they do with the information after they gather it? Through a series of three workshops the employees learned that researcher gather information through one or more questions known as surveys, the raw information they gather is known as data, at the researchers than compile and analyze data to create statistics. One station focused on surveys, and we surveyed all the employees on their experience in LOC so far. Another station showed how statistics can tell a story. A series of stats about LeBron James and Nicki Minaj painted a very negative picture of the former and a very positive picture of the latter. The third station showed how statistics do not always tell the whole story, and can even be very misleading. Each group was shown 5 statistics, but each one had a “catch” that the employees had to try to identify. After lunch, each team had to develop their own survey that they will conduct in their two-by-two block neighborhoods tomorrow. The change project is starting to get into full swing.


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